Tulsa Lawn Mowing and Tulsa Lawn Care

Aubrey Clark, the founder of WD Tulsa Lawn Care, grew up with the passion of being able to provide you with a premium lawn care experience that has competitive and affordable rates. We know that it can be stressful having to deal with shoveling snow just to be able to get out of the driveway, or allow customers in the parking lot of your business. That is where we come in, we want to be able to provide you with an experience that outshines the competition and keeps you, as well as friends and family, coming back for years to come.

Snow removal is one of the services that we provide at WD Tulsa Lawn Care. Snow removal is the process of removing snow from driveways, streets and parking lots to allow the safe travel of the individuals of our community. Snow removal is a service that we provide because the importance of clear roadway for neighborhoods, driveways, and public parking is crucial to ensure the safety of the roads. We know that when it snows it complicates the conditions of being able to drive. That is where we can come in to help.

WD Tulsa Lawn Care can assist you by taking the stress of having to plow, shovel or remove a large amount of snow. We can provide you with a service that can allow you to enjoy your time with your family, or ensure that your clients and workers can have a convenient and safe space to park their cars and be able to walk into the building of service without any worries. We can assist you in de-icing as well as anti-icing. We want to be able to provide you with outstanding services that keep you coming back!

At WD Tulsa Lawn Care, we can assist you in the deicing process. The deicing process is the removal of snow, ice, or frost from the existing road way. We use the process of plowing, shoveling, vacuuming, or even scraping the ice, snow and frost from the existing roadway. This is the best process that allows a quick, convenient way to be able to assist you in clear roadways. We have even found that applying sand and salt also help melt the ice. Anti-icing is known to be able to significantly reduce the sand and salt that is required this allows it to be easier to remove.

WD Tulsa Lawn Care is able to assist you in all of your snow removal needs! Ever since the early 1900s most snow contractors have used this liquid chemical melter that is sprayed onto the roads with nozzles instead of the spinners that they use with sand and salt. They have found that these liquid melters are a more effective way to prevent the ice from staying for a long period of time. We can help clear your driveways so that you can have a safe and easy trip to get to work or other places you may need to be.

We are able to use our snow removal services at WD Tulsa Lawn Care to assist in the clearance of walkways and driveways to your home! We also want to be able to take care of your roof, another way that snow is removed is clearing it to reduce any structural damage that the heavy weight of snow may cause. We will use snow shovels to be able to get rid of large amounts of snow from your driveway to allow you to have safe travels to be able to get to work without worrying how you’re going to get out of the driveway.

WD Tulsa Lawn Care Has a clear goal and mission to be able to provide you with premium lawn care services with competitive prices. We offer a range of services from gutter cleaning, bus trimming, tree and Branch removal, landscaping, mulch installation, lawn care, Leaf removal and power washing. We are also able to assist you in Services when it comes to snow removal, or irritation and overseeding, spring and fall cleaning, as well as irrigation maintenance. We can do it all and we do it proudly and confidently knowing that you are going to love the services that we give you.

Snow removal is also important for your public sidewalks and making way for a clear path to your mailbox. even if you may be staying in, mailmen don’t get snow days. You don’t want to make it harder for them by having a difficult walk to get to where they are needing to go. You are able to make it easy for them and allow us to come shovel your driveway and walkways to be able to assist the mailmen of your community. Together we can ensure the safety of those who provide services to our community.

We can also assist you in the process of removing snow from your car. by helping you remove snow from your car and then shoveling your driveway and public sidewalks, we make it easier for you to be able to travel and do what needs to be done without the worries of having to spend time outside and shovel yourself. You don’t want to deal with the back strains, or get worn out from the amount of physical effort that is involved in snow removal shoveling. allow us to take something off your to-do list and be able to assist you in the snow removal.

You don’t want to miss out on being able to receive services from the highest rated and most Google reviewed lawn care business that Tulsa has to offer. With a range of lawn care services, competitive and affordable pricing, professional grade equipment, outstanding customer service team we are your new go to for lawn care services. allow us to take a couple things off your to do list, we can free up some time on your schedule so that you can focus on what is important.