Our Story

WD Tulsa Lawn Care was founded by Aubrey Clark with a vision for providing the Tulsa area and surrounding cities with a premium lawn care experience at an affordable rate. We provide you with quality, commitment and excellence with each and every service that we accomplish. Starting a very early age of just nine years old, Aubrey always enjoyed lawn care and has been doing lawn care ever since! When Aubrey first started the business he only had a push mower, now, we are fully insured with a business license and we only use the highest quality professional equipment for your lawn care needs. He knew the importance of having lawn care that cares for the community and the environment. Through years and years of hard work, he was able to become one of the most popular lawn care services around. As the highest rated and most reviewed lawn care services that Tulsa has to offer, we are an all season lawn care experience that you can tell your friends and family about each time you experience our outstanding services.  


We look forward to being able to constantly grow and expand our business with our excellent services and competitive prices all while keeping you in mind. Our loyal customers are the reason why we are constantly evolving. We are committed to providing our lawn care customers outstanding customer service, excellent lawn care services all at an affordable price. At WD Tulsa Lawn Care, you can experience your first service from us to you for 50% off our regular low everyday price. We want to be able to showcase the quality and commitment to excellence that we provide to our lawn care customers each and every time. 


Your first service with WD Tulsa Lawn Care that is 50% off will be a full service that includes mowing, blowing, edging and trimming. This is a special that we are happy to provide you with, we want you to have the best experience. After your first service with us we will provide you with an accurate quote for the cost of maintaining your lawn for years to come. WD Lawn Care is able to differentiate ourselves from the competition by being able to provide you with the highest quality lawn care service at a rate that is lower than the competition. 


Our services that we proudly provide at WD Tulsa Lawn Care include lawn care, leaf removal, landscaping, gutter cleaning, power washing, mulch installation, tree and branch removals, as well as bush trimming. We also offer snow removal, core aeration and overseeding, landscape and bed maintenance, irrigation maintenance as well as spring and fall cleaning. We want you to have a thriving yard that is appealing, vibrant and inviting. We will be able to identify what is missing from your yard and help you down the path to achieving a thriving, beautiful and green lawn. We can provide you with the highest quality services that allow you to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your healthy yard. We want you to have the yard on the block that has everyone talking! (All good things of course!).


We have a no-brainer offer for your first time with us at WD Tulsa Lawn Care, which includes your being able to enjoy your first service with us that will include mow, trim and edge for the incredibly low price of 50% off our everyday low prices! You don’t want to pass this offer up. After we have been able to mow your lawn for 50% off of her everyday low price, we promise to beat any competitors prices by 10% for any ongoing services that you have with us. Your grass will keep growing and we will keep mowing! This is our special this month as well as every month. We make this an all the time special that you never have to worry about missing out on. 


We want to be your first choice when it comes to Tulsa Lawn Care! We offer all season services to accommodate all of your lawn care needs. We make it easy for you to be able to experience high quality lawn care services at an affordable price. We provide lawn care to homeowners and renters, public spaces, businesses, and recreational spaces provided by the city. We can provide lawn care to just about any place that has a lawn that needs to have maintenance. We currently are primarily providing lawn care services to the residents and businesses that are located in the Jenks and Broken Arrow communities. We have plans to expand out of these areas into Tulsa and surround cities! If you are looking to fill out a quote, you can head to the contact us tab on our website and fill out a form. We will contact you shortly after with a place and time where we will be able to provide you with your first service with us! We will be sure to schedule your first lawn care services for 50% off of our everyday low prices.


We are proud to be able to offer the highest quality services straight to your home or business. This is how we are able to stand out from our competition. Our customer service as well as our excellent services at a rate that is lower than our competitors. You can experience our services for 50% off! This is a hard offer to pass up! The fun doesn’t end there.. You will also be able to find that we continue to work with you! After your first service with us you get the promise from us that we will beat any competitor’s price by 10% for ongoing service! You can find out today why WD Lawn Care in Tulsa is one of the best! We are the highest rated and most reviewed lawn care service that Tulsa has to offer. If you are curious to be able to learn more about the services that we provide, please give us a call today at 918-568-3194.