Gallery O’ Green

WD Tulsa Lawn Care wants to be your go-to for all of your lawn needs! We have a no-brainer offer that allows us to truly showcase our confidence when it comes to our commitment to quality, excellence and customer satisfaction. Our no-brainer offer to you includes your first service of a mow, trim, and edge for only 50% of our everyday low prices. Your grass keeps growing, we keep mowing! We want to extend that offer to your next service by beating any competitor’s price by 10% for all of your on-going services with us!

We believe it is important to be able to show you projects we have done in the past so you can have a better understanding and get a visual of what all we provide at WD Tulsa Lawn Care. This is a place where we can showcase our projects with pride, we are very proud to offer the highest quality of services to members of our communities and local businesses. You can find out today why we are the highest rated and most google reviewed lawn care service that Tulsa has to offer by contacting us to help you get started.

We have a special at WD Tulsa Lawn Care that allows us to provide you with your first service with us for only 50% off of our everyday low prices. This offer includes a full service that includes mowing, blowing, edging and trimming. We want you to have the best experience with us each and every time. The specials don’t stop there, we promise to beat any competitor’s price by 10% for on-going services that we provide. Your grass will keep growing and we will keep mowing! We want you to have the lawn care that you have always envisioned.

As the seasons change, WD Tulsa Lawn Care wants you to remember the importance of maintaining your lawn year round. Different preparations, prevenations and maintenance will be determined by the time of year and the season we are currently in or about to transition into. We offer our services with commercial grade professional equipment that allows us to make your yard look incredible every time! There is no job too big or too small that we can’t handle. We can get you the lawn that you have always dreamed of by our commitment to excellence and quality.

We can ensure proper services of lawn care at WD Tulsa Lawn Care. You should call the professionals for many reasons, mainly a peace of mind! We have the proper expertise that allows us to do it right the first time without headache. We are cost effective, as a business that has chosen to be value driven and focused, you can rest assured knowing that you aren’t spending an arm and a leg on your lawn care services, we will make sure that you are covered. As experts we can ensure that your lawn will always be in pristine condition.


If you’re looking to put your house or business on the market soon, contacting WD Tulsa Lawn Care can help you add curb appeal to your home. By having and maintaining a healthy, thriving, lawn is known to add value to your home up to 15%! Doesn’t that sound glorious? Another reason to get a lawn care specialist is consistency. Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy, thriving lawn. We understand that you have a busy lifes and maintaining your lawn isn’t always ideal when there is so much to do.

Allow us to take some things off of your to-do list and help you save by not having to invest into your own proper lawn care equipment. We will trim, feed, and water routinely and consistently to be able to provide you with a thriving lawn. By having regular lawn maintenance you can improve air quality while adding curb appeal to your home! With our many services that we offer including bush trimming, mulch installation, landscaping, tree and branch removal, lawn care, power washing, as well as leaf removal. For more information you are always welcome to contact a team member that is ready to help you get started today!

We operate by providing you with a no brainer special on your first service with us. This service includes a mow, trim and edge service for 50% off of our everyday low prices! We even promise to beat any of our competitors’ pricing by 10% for any on-going services that we provide for you! We are able to work closely together to be able to set out a game plan that we can execute for your lawn goals! We will provide you with a quote for what it will cost to maintain a healthy, thriving yard.

We have a mission and goal that we are passionate about. We want to be able to provide the Tulsa area and surrounding cities with a premium lawn care experience at an affordable rate. We go above and beyond to be able to provide you with outstanding customer service, quality and a commitment to excellence. Throughout years and years of hard work we have been able to proudly get the title of the highest rated and most google reviewed lawn care service that Tulsa has to offer! We want you to be able to be excited about our services and tell all of your friends and family members about each time you experience one of our one of a kind services!

We look forward to constantly evolving, growing and expanding. We have unmatched services because of our effort and commitment to excellence. We offer competitive prices because we are so confident in the services that we offer. Choosing to be a value focused business allows us to showcase our confidence with our very affordable services. We want you to know that you will have lawn care that is out of this world when you work with us. For more information you may always contact a ready to help team member today!