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3920 West 91st Street South, Suite #200
Tulsa, OK 74132

As the founder of WD Tulsa Lawn Care we have a goal and mission to be able to provide our community with great services and competitive prices. We want to be able to showcase our commitment to quality and excellence by providing you with your first service with us for 50% off of our everyday low prices. We primarily service the residents and businesses located in the Jenks and Broken Arrow communities but are proud to say that we are constantly growing and expanding to surrounding cities! To get a quote from us, simply fill out the form on our website and one of our eager to help team members will be with you as soon as possible to assist with your questions or concerns.

Some of the best ways to contact WD Tulsa Lawn Care include a text or call to 918.568.3194 and filling out a form on our website. When you fill out a form on our website all we need from you is name, email, phone number and the services that you are requesting. We will contact you shortly with the information you have provided and will be able to assist you in the lawn care services that you desire. We want to be your new go-to for all things lawn care! We can provide you quality, excellent lawn care with outstanding customer service.

The founder of WD Tulsa Lawn Care, Aubrey Clark, started mowing lawns when he was 9 years old! He found his passion for helping others with their lawn care needs. With multiple years of experience and years of hard work we are able to provide great service with competitive prices. We started this business with a push mower and have now progressed into a fully insured and licensed business that uses commercial grade professional equipment to ensure the quality of your lawn after each and every service that we provide!

WD Tulsa Lawn Care proudly provides the services of leaf removal, lawn mowing, lawn care, snow removal, core aeration, overseeding, landscape, bed maintenance, spring and fall cleaning, irrigation maintenance, lawn care, gutter cleaning, power washing, mulch installation, bush trimming, and tree and branch removal. The services that we proudly provide to you allow us to be a business that operates with a commitment to Quality and excellence. We go above and beyond for all of our customers when it comes to their lawn care needs and it shines through the work that we do.

We have a no-brainer offer at WD Tulsa Lawn Care that allows us to give you your first service special with mowing, blowing, edging as well as trimming. After this first treatment then we will provide you with an accurate cost of what the pricing will be to continue to mow and maintain your lawn in the future. We differentiate ourselves from our competition by providing you with the high quality lawn care service at a rate that is lower than most. Being a value focused business allows us to show you that we are committed to making our pricing affordable.

We continue to expand and grow as a result of our great services and competitive prices that we offer to our Tulsa Lawn Care customers. Our focus is currently in the Jenks and Broken Arrow communities for residents and businesses.We look forward to being able to expand in the future and service to surrounding cities of these areas with the finest premium lawn care that they can experience at an affordable price. We’re able to showcase the quality and commitment to the Excellence that we provide in our special for your first service. that doesn’t just in there, the special does get extended out into your ongoing services. we promise to be any competitor’s price by 10% for any of your ongoing services.

There’s no better time than today to get in contact with a professional at WD Tulsa Lawn Care. We want to be able to provide you with a premium lawn care experience at a competitive price. we can provide you with mowing, blowing, edging and trimming for 50% off of our regular everyday low price. We want to be able to service you and your lawn and provide you with the proper care, maintenance and knowledge of what it takes to maintain a happy, healthy, thriving lawn. You too can experience The highest rated and most Google reviewed lawn care service that Tulsa has to offer by contacting one of us today! We look forward to hearing from you and getting a head start on all of your lawn care dreams. We can provide you with the lawn and maintenance and Landscape that you have always envisioned for your lawn.

We’re able to go above and beyond for each and every one of our lawn care clients. We do this by providing them with high quality lawn care services that will blow all the other competition out of the water. We want to be your go too long service, we don’t just service when weather is appropriate from ruining, we are also able to provide you with all season services including snow removal, landscaping, spring and fall cleaning as well as irrigation maintenance. We are here for you all year round. you will be confident in the services that we provide because we always keep you in mind first.

We are ready to be your first choice when it comes to lawn care in tulsa. We have all season services to be able to accommodate any lawn care services that you may need. There’s never been easier to be able to experience high quality lawn services at an affordable price. We can provide our lawn care services to residents, homeowners, renters, public places as well as local businesses. We can help you identify what is missing from your yard and assist you down the path to be able to achieve a healthy, thriving, green lawn. Contact us today to find out how to get started! We are ready to help!