Tulsa Landscape and Bed Maintenance

When WD Tulsa Lawn Care had been founded, Aubrey Clark knew he wanted to make a difference in the lawn care community. If you are looking for next level services, then you have found the place. We have the ability to be able to provide you with quality and excellence that is unmatched by the competition. We go above and beyond for our clients by striving to provide them with the best possible services around. By maintaining a healthy lawn, you aren’t only adding value to the property, you are also aiding in helping the environment.

One of the many services that we provide at WD Tulsa Lawn Care is landscape and bed maintenance. Landscape maintenance is where we handle the art of keeping a thriving, healthy, safe, and beautiful landscape maintained. We use a variety of tools, knowledge and supplies to execute the upkeep of a beautiful, thriving, landscape. We can assist you in your lawn care by trimming bushes, edges, and shrubs. We can assist you in flower installation as well as removal, mulch installation, and much more! We can even assist in the removal of any damaged or diseased weeds, branches, or shrubs.

We at WD Tulsa Lawn Care believe that it is important to have a solid plan when it comes to your landscape and bed maintenance plans. We have years of experience that allows us to properly care for your landscape needs as well as aid the growth and development of your beautiful landscape. We can help aid in proper trimming that allows the growth of your bushes and shrubs, we can cover trimming, weeding as well and the removal of anything not thriving and more! Whatever you have in mind for your vision of what you want your landscape to look like, we have you covered.

We make customized quotes and estimates for your landscaping needs at WD Tulsa Lawn Care. We will work closely with you to figure out your specific wants and needs when it comes to your landscape plan! Together, we can make long term goals for maintenance on your new landscape project. If you’re ready to make your home or business stand out, don’t wait any longer! Reach out to one of our eager to help team members today! We offer exceptional landscape maintenance, you don’t have to worry about something being too big or too small, we can make it happen for you.

Some important benefits to maintaining a healthy, thriving landscape at WD Tulsa Lawn Care includes healthy, thick, green grass, beautiful, thriving flower beds, beautifully shaped bushes and shrubs, a nice, inviting, relaxing environment added to your outdoor spaces as well as enjoying a space without any weeds. We can turn an overlooked yard into a masterpiece! This could be your new outdoor oasis. We will work closely together to find a game plan to execute the landscape that you have always envisioned. We want to be able to turn your dreams into a reality.

When it gets closer to fall, WD Tulsa Lawn Care believes this is the one of the best times to put extra attention into your yard to be able to prepare it to withstand the winter that is coming. As the seasons change, so do the different requirements that entail the vitality of a thriving yard all year round. We will prepare your lawn to receive the most to prepare for the growth that is upcoming in the spring. We will aid in cleaning up your flower beds, laying mulch and removing any unwanted or dead plants that do not belong. The general maintenance that we do is trimming, weeding as well as edging but we can completely customize what needs to be done depending on the wants and needs of your lawn.

We don’t just cover the basics, we want to be able to assist you in finally getting the landscape you have always dreamt about. Don’t wait for problems to arise, get ahead of the game and allow your lawn and flower beds to remain healthy, all year round. It is imperative that if you want your flower beds to look their best, you must provide your flower bed with regular landscape maintenance. We don’t just make it look nice, we make sure that it is thriving! With fertilizer, preventatives, and the removal of any unwanted and or dead plants we can make sure that your flower bed is always thriving!

We are experts at maintaining the health and support of your landscape and flower bed needs. We get down and dirty and do more than just the basics to allow you to have a thriving flower bed and or landscape. The importance of making sure that you are maintaining the wedding, watering, as well as fertilizing are vital to ensuring optimal health. You must do these as a bare necessities. In order to achieve stability in your lawn, landscape and flower beds you must follow these even if we are not around to help out.

We want to be your new go-to lawn service! We have the knowledge, experience, and commitment to provide you with the best lawn care services that Tulsa has to offer. Don’t just take our word for it, you can find out for yourself with your first service with us only being 50% off of our everyday low prices! This is a no brainer opportunity. We are proud to carry the title of the highest rated and most google reviewed lawn care service that Tulsa has to offer! We don’t take that lightly, we go above and beyond every day and with each and every service that we provide to be able to give you the services that you deserve. We want you to be able to go tell all of your friends, family and co-workers about how much you loved our services! We have confidence in ourselves and as a business, you should feel confident working with us.