Tulsa Irrigation Maintenance

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One of the many services that we offer at WD Tulsa Lawn Care include the maintenance of irrigation systems. An irrigation system is made up of valves, sprinklers, pipes, wires and other hardware. There are seven main important components to ensure the proper function of an irrigation system. You should be cleaning your irrigation system at least twice a year. One cleaning should be scheduled in the late fall and one clearing should be scheduled in late spring to prevent any clogs that will cause distributions.

When it comes to your irrigation system, WD Tulsa Lawn Care has you covered for all of your needs and maintenance. The seven main components to your irrigation system consist of having a water source with a pump, backflow prevention, pressure regulator, filter, adapters, injectors, and distribution lines. To ensure a proper functioning irrigation system it is important to always keep all of the factors in mind. This is where we come in, we want to be able to be your go-to for lawn care so you can have a peace of mind and be able to focus on what is important.

One of the most important things with an irrigation system at WD Tulsa Lawn Care is the backflow preventative. This is extremely important because it keeps your irrigation system from the dangers of contaminating the water back into the city’s pipes. The backflow is where the reversal of water flow causes a cross connection and can then turn into a bigger problem. All irrigation systems are required to have backflow prevention. You will also need a point of connection to an available water source. The point of connection is important because it is the source of water for your irrigation system.

One of the signs that your backflow device may not be working properly is if it is dripping water, this could mean that there might be a problem with your valves. This can occur in two different ways, WD Tulsa Lawn Care is here to help with any problems you are having with your irrigation system. If backpressure occurs, this is typically caused by a decrease in your pressure from the water supply. If back-siphonage occurs, this is typically caused by line in the break or an undersized piping. If any of these are happening to your irrigation system, it is time to call the professionals at WD Lawn Care.

If you are wanting to properly maintain your irrigation systems, it is time to call WD Tulsa Lawn Care. We have the knowledge of how irrigation is supposed to function with the basic components. By having this knowledge we are able to detect and prevent problems that may cause your irrigation system from working properly. We service the point of connections, your piping system, your electrical system as well as the sprinkler heads. We are here to help! It is time to sit back, relax, and call the professionals.

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