Tulsa Core Aeration and Overseeding

The Founder of WD Tulsa Lawn Care, Aubrey Clark, started this business with a goal and mission to be able to provide the community with outstanding customer service, and phenomenal lawn care services all at an everyday low price. We want to be able to provide you with the services that we are so proud of. At WD, you can experience excellence, quality, and commitment that is unmatched. If you are looking for lawn care
services that are next level, you’ve found the place. We can help you achieve the lawn you have always envisioned, allowing us to be your go-to lawn care specialist.

One of the many services that are provided at WD Tulsa Lawn Care includes the core aeration and overseeding service. This service is what we do to allow the roots to be able to grow deeper and that in turn will allow the grass in thinner areas to really be able to flourish over time. We use the process of aeration to be able to penetrate the soil. This then allows small holes that provide access to water nutrients and air to be able to reach the roots in the grass. This is a service that we provide to allow you to have a thriving, healthy lawn for years to come.

WD Tulsa Lawn Care also offers the service, overseeding. Overseeding is the process that grass seed is spread throughout the entire yard to produce and encourage the growth of new grass. The aeration process takes away any compacted soil that isn’t growing properly and allows the roots to get all that they need in order to grow. The overseeding process is beneficial for allowing plenty of grass to grow to be able to cover the entire lawn with healthy, thick, green grass.

We at WD Tulsa Lawn Care are able to assist you in the process of aeration and overseeding. This is a service that ideally should be done regularly. If you have a happy backyard full of children and pets that run around, there is a likely chance that your soil is compacted. If this sounds like your yard, you could definitely benefit from the service aeration. Even if that isn’t the case, your yard could still likely benefit using aeration. One of the most common signs of your yard needing aeration is when pooling happens in the yard when it rains and doesn’t allow easy access to be able to drain into the soil.

One of the best times to perform aeration and overseeding services that we offer at WD Tulsa Lawn Care is the fall. This is a great time to perform this service because of the season, it gives you nice, cool grass. We recommend that you perform this service at least every few years. Every lawn is different and has all kinds of different actions, if you have a heavily used lawn we recommend doing the service more often. You may also have this service performed more often to prevent any issues and allow the grass to grow. For more information about this service you can always ask one of our eager to help team members!

How this service that is offered by WD Tulsa Lawn Care works is by using an aerating machine that goes over your entire yard and pulls away small plugs around the lawn. We will then leave these small plugs so the nutrients are able to go where they belong, into the grass. We can move onto the overseeding process after we complete the aeration. We will seed your yard properly over the entire lawn. We will even place extras into the areas that are damaged. It is imperative that you continue to water your lawn regularly to allow the seeds to grow properly.

We can offer you multiple years of experience when it comes to exceptional lawn care for your home or business. We are so confident that you will love our services, you’re going to want to tell all of your friends, family members, and co-workers about it! By maintaining a healthy lawn you are able to provide a strong root system that will improve the value of the home or business, add curb appeal, improve air quality, reduce noise pollution and reduce the risk of erosion. We service the Jenks and Broken Arrow communities and businesses providing them with excellence when it comes to lawn care.

We care about the environment as well as the community. We want to provide you with excellence and quality all while going above and beyond for customer service. All it is going to take is a 50% off of our everyday low prices service and you will be hooked! We want you to have a lawn that the whole neighborhood uses as inspiration. You can finally have the lawn you have always envisioned by working with us today. If you have questions on any of our services then please feel free to call one of our ready to help team members!

We have a goal and a mission to be able to provide our towns, communities, businesses, public places and surrounding areas with our huge passion for lawn care. We strive each and everyday to provide you with quality, excellence and the best customer service you will ever experience. The founder may have only started with a lawn mower, but he has truly been able to come a long way. From push mower to a fully licensed and insured business with commercial grade professional equipment that keeps your yard fresh until the next time we arrive!

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