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Integrity is extremely important to us at Tulsa Lawn Care because we live our lives with Integrity as a company customers like you trust us to do all of their Landscaping work. We will not be around the bush. We will ensure that you know exactly what needs to happen when it comes to your yard as well as we ensure that Integrity is the way that we run our business. We ensure that all of our technicians are also highly vetted and we ensure that whoever is on your property that they will be honest and live lives of integrity.

Our services are important to us. Tulsa Lawn Care has many different services that truly make our company stand out from any other Landscaping Company in the area. we offer many different services such as Landscaping leaf removal Lawn Care power washing snow removal core aeration and overseeding spring and fall cleaning as well as many other services that truly set us apart from any other company we are very excited to work with you so if you are a first-time customer we will offer you a 50% off discount to show our love to you and give you the very best service possible.

We have been doing this for many years at Tulsa Lawn Care because we have been in the Tulsa area for a number of years. We truly believe that we are the best at what we do. We will help you have a beautiful and green lawn as well as it thriving for many years to come. We offer our irrigation and maintenance service. This is a way that we are able to guarantee this. our technicians are able to diagnose why your grass May not specifically growing in specific areas whether that be due to the type of grass seed that you have or maybe your sprinkler heads are not adjusted properly this is why it is important for us to come out do a diagnostic and help you get set up for success in the future

We also offer a good way of cleaning our gutter cleaning services that truly makes your life easier. That is why we highly recommend working with our technicians and you are also more than able to ask any type of question that you may have when it comes to gutter cleaning or what we do to ensure our service. We are so excited to work with you and wait to help you out.

we would love for you to give us a call to set up an appointment here is the number 918-568-3194 if you have any further questions about our services you can also ask over the phone as well as you can also hop on to our website here at wdlawns.com to learn more about who we are and what we do as a company and how we have Thrive for many years. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Tulsa Lawn Care | we don’t sweat the small stuff

we work hard to give you answers Tulsa Lawn Care if you are a homeowner and you are frustrated because you can’t get any grass to grow under your trees it may just be something as simple as you do not have fescue Fescue is a great way to ensure that your grass will grow in shade you might have Bermuda under your tree and that is most likely why your grass is not growing Fescue is one of the many answers that we have to help you ensure that your yard will look the very best that it can. we look forward to working with you and cannot wait to help you out let’s get you set up for your first consultation today if you are also a first time customer we are also offering you 50% off that is a no-brainer that is money in your pocket and we know that you will be better off for that.

services are a small part of Tulsa Lawn Care we offer many different services but also our customer service is a big part of what we do also some of our services truly make sense when it comes to understanding how our customer service works one of them being our snow removal snow removal is also a big part of customer service because we are out in the cold and we are giving it our all to ensure that your life is easier and that is 100% customer service we are excited to work with you and cannot wait to help you out let’s get you set up for your first initial appointment today.

core aeration and overseeding is the way to go at Tulsa Lawn Care our core aeration is a great way to ensure that your yard looks The best that it can we have been doing this for a number of years and are aeration is absolutely one of the most incredible services that has phenomenal results over long periods of time. This will allow you to have nutrients soak into your soil to truly enrich and help your grass grow at a faster rate. As well as our overseeding program, this is a great way to ensure that your grass thickens out over a quick period of time. We offer many different types of grass depending on what temperament you are needing and what temperament your yard has.

give us a call at this number here 918-568-3194 to set up your initial appointment to have one of your technicians come out and get you set up for Success you can also visit us on our website here at wdlawns.com to learn more about what we do as a company we help homeowners just like you every single day have the very best yard that they have ever dreamed of and we are so excited to get you set up to see and experience this for your very own eyes to see. Let’s get you rocking today.